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Condos For Sale Aruba

If you’re looking to buy a Condo in Aruba then you have come to the right place.

Whatever type of condo you are looking for, however many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, if you want a pool gym and garage or just a small simple place to stay, we can help.

With a wide range of condominiums from single bedroom condos to 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and 4 bedroom properties you can be sure that you will be able to find somewhere that suits your needs and budget.

Condos For Sale Aruba
For Sale
Condos - Sale
For Sale

Opal villa

$ 900,000
A separate apartment in the back Includes all furniture Rental price is 4750 USD ex 6 proc [more]
A separate apartment in the back Includes all furniture Rental price is 4750 USD ex 6 procent bbo Long term
For Sale

Tierra del Sol 40 Deluxe Lots

Starting From $ 235,900
674 m2
For Sale

Aruba Washington Villas

Starting From $ 215,000
11 1 104 m2
For Sale

L.G. Smith Blvd #544

$ 950,000
By law there will be no more construction allowed in front of this property, meaning there [more]
By law there will be no more construction allowed in front of this property, meaning there will no future obstructi [more]
866 m2
For Sale

O Condominium Eagle Beach Aruba

Starting From $ 641,900
“It’s all in the details”. As an Oresident, you can be sure to have the finest and most lu [more]
“It’s all in the details”. As an Oresident, you can be sure to have the finest and most luxurious condo residences, [more]
33 1-2 256 m2
What Is A Condo

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What Is A Condo?

A condomiunium, or condo, is effectively an apartment however the key difference is that you share ownership of communal areas with the other apartment owners.

Shared ownership includes things like pools, gyms, tennis courts, garages, lifts & elevators, hallways, laundry rooms, a clubhouse/communal spaces and gardens.

The costs for maintaing and running all of these facilities will be shared between the residents through the residential association which manages the running and maintenance of all common areas, facilities and services.

Condos make it more affordable and easier to maintain and use otherwise expensive services and facilities such as a pool, gym or tennis court.

Condos come in a variety of styles and layouts though typically they are in high rise buildings (offering a great view of the beaches and sea), they are common throughout Aruba.

Most of the condos in Aruba are high rise condos with as many as 12 floors (though most are smaller than this), smaller detached condos are available in certain areas too.

Because condo owners all have a vested interest ensuring that the property is kept well and well maintained condos have have nice communities within them which make it much easier to settle into if you are new to the island.

Why Buy A Condo In Aruba?

Aruba is a great place to look for real estate and homes for sale, particularly condominiums which often boast beautiful beach views over Eagle beach Noord, Palm Beach, Malmok and countless other beaches.
Our condos feature private balconies as well as shared pools and amenities which are exclusively for the use of residents of your new gated community within your condo.

With no restrictions on foreigners buying property here, condos in Aruba are a great real estate investment opportunity boasting affordable property prices (Aruba has the 2nd lowest price per sq ft in the whole of the Caribbean so you can be confident that you money will buy a good amount of space) in a very popular vacation destination.

Aruba is very well connected with direct flights to and from Aruba across the globe which bring in over 1,200,000 million people to our Caribbean island every year on vacation and just for short tourist trips (notwithstanding Covid of course). Significant revenue can be generated from an Aruba condo both actively and passively (with property prices rising steadily year on year in Aruba.

With a huge range of condos of all shapes and sizes available we have everything from 4 bedroom family condos (with extra bathrooms to make life easier) to smaller retirement condos.

With the maintenance of shared areas (such as the pool and outdoor areas) covered there is minimal work for you to do so you can sit back and enjoy soaking up the sun in retirement.

Or if you’d prefer you can enjoy either (or both) of the golf courses, go surfing, and enjoy all the fine dining that Aruba’s restaurants offer.

Aruba is ideal for a family vacation too with plenty of places to enjoy water sports such as kitesurfing, water skiing, snorkling and more. There is also a popular butterfly farm, an exotic animal farm, a donkey sanctuary and much more for kids to enjoy.

Another reason why Aruba is a great place to buy a condo is that it is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean with low levels of crime and being south of the hurricane belt keeps it well sheltered from extreme weather, meaning that you don’t have to worry about property damage.

Why Buy A Condos In Aruba

How Much Does An Aruba Condo Cost?

In real estate and condominiums specifically prices can vary wildly. Price is dependent on a wide range of factors including property size, where they are located, how big they are and what amenities they have. If you have a quick look at some Aruba real estate listings it is not uncommon to see prices from 150,000 USD all the way up to 5,000,000 USD.

If you want a luxury spacious seafront condominium looking out over the perfect white sand of Eagle Beach with 5 bedrooms, a private pool and everything finished to the highest standard then you will easily be looking at 7 figures.

Basic studios, single bedroom or smaller 2 bedroom condos can start at similar prices to a standard home at around 150,000 USD – 200,000 USD.

So whatever your budget you should be able to find something to suit here in Aruba.

Where Are The Best Locations In Aruba To Look For Condos For Sale?

Aruba is a beautiful island full of beautiful spots and friendly neighborhoods so we are confident that wherever you buy your Aruba real estate at you will be happy.

However, if you have a particular love of the sea then the most sought-after locations are places such as Palm Beach & Eagle beach.

Condos in these areas tend to be more expensive due to demand but there are plenty of other locations close to the beach which are more budget-friendly such as Malmok.

If you enjoy walking we recommend you look for a condominium around Santa Cruz close to the national park, or if golf is more your thing then Modanasa near the golf course could be a good location.

If you love the hustle and bustle of city life or you are a bit of an international traveler and plan on making regular trips in and out of the island then it may be a good idea to look at properties close to the airport in the capital Oranjestad.

If you need any further information about condos in Aruba or you want help to find a suitable condo for you then get in touch with us today.

Where Are The Best Locations In Aruba To Look For Condos For Sale

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